Bad Credit Mobile Phone Contracts

All mobile phone contracts are broken down into four areas: the contract period (1-24 months) the price you pay, the monthly allowance (minutes, texts and internet allowances) and the phone you get with the deal, be it a normal contract or a bad credit contract phone. After the credit check is completed, the mobile operator […]

Nokia Unveils ‘Comes With Music’

Earlier this week, Nokia held an event in Amsterdam to which a number of prolific bloggers and other media types were invited, in order to make an announcement on some new products/services Nokia are planning to soon release. One of those services, titled ‘Comes With Music’ raised a few eyebrows as it comes at a […]

Mobile Projectors Are Here – Samsung Concept Lights the Way

We haven’t got any information on this in terms of model numbers, actual feasibility of it being released, or even if this is a working prototype, but following on from our post last week about 6 mobile technologies you should be excited about, we found these images of a Samsung phone with a projector built-in. […]

ZTE Grand X Dual Core Android Smartphone Coming to UK

ZTE Grand X Dual Core Android Smartphone has been launched for the UK, this smartphone offers superb entertainment features which you will get the best experience while watching videos or playing games. The Grand X is supported by a dual-core chipset that has more performance go to fast and produces high-quality screen. ZTE Grand X […]

Sony Xperia Miro ST23i Smartphone Pre-Order Now

Sony some time ago has officially introduced the new android smartphone. If you want to have a Sony Xperia Miro ST23i, one of the sites in the UK has been officially allowed to do pre-order. Xperia Miro already available with a price tag £126 or US$197, until now unknown date of availability for these smartphone. […]